A Brief Overview

I am one of many Welburn's that exist on this planet. There are plenty of reasons that I am a unique Welburn. I will list a brief number of them below:

  • All-Academic on High School Volleyball Team (proof here)
  • I have dabbled in whittling small wood into objects such as animals.
  • I have a cute girlfriend.
  • I am an ECE major by choice.
  • I excuse myself every time I sneeze, whether I am alone or in public.
  • I have a (self-made) UrbanDictionary.com defintion. Though it is debatable if the second defition is actually more accurate.
  • My initials flipped upside down still read "MW".
  • I scored 9 points in one 2 hour session at Kenney Gym, destroying my previous high of...
  • ...7 points in one game (to 11), consisting of a 6-7 performace behind the arc, as well as one reverse layup. This, without question, was the most dominant performance of my life. I have yet to even come close to repeating.

If you request any other portions of my life story, please reach me via email or facebook poke.