Welcome to MichaelWelburn.com!

Perhaps you came across this site on accident, searching for one of the many Michael Welburn's that seem to have a MySpace page (that currently seems to be outranking my own page in the google search), or more likely you made your way to my site on purpose.

The site is starting to work (for the most part), however any sort of "gallery" has yet to be implemented. I'll likely save that for last, and will probably host the pictures elsewhere and use someone else's slideshow in order to save bandwidth.

Unfortunately for the viewing public (but fortunately for my bandwidth), I decided to not use flash in this iteration of MW.com. However, in all seriousness, something still seems too old looking about this website. If you can pinpoint it, or give any suggestions, please do.

In due time, the tabs at the top of the screen will begin to work. Feel free to check back reguarly. In the mean time, please visit michaelpysson.com or lostinthemoment.com