The Consequences of Greatness

There is much to discuss with me regarding this website, and very little time. However, the price of greatness (that I currently exemplify) is expensive. How expensive one asks? Consider this:

While adding the Kool-Aid man as a favicon, I overboiled my snack of hard boiled eggs. How did I remember that I had left them sitting there fore 35 minutes? I heard the sound of a gun firing.

What was the source of the sound, you say? It was none other than a hard boiled egg exploding, likely due to lack of patience.

Now before you attempt to contact me, ask yourself one thing. "If I don't receive a response in the next 35 minutes, will I too explode?" If the answer to this question is yes, then my work here is done.

However, if this story makes absolutely no sense, and you still want to email me, you can reach me here.