Jewelry Box for Joyce: Christmas 2006

Overall view of Jewelry box

This was my first foray into the world of scroll sawing, taught to me by my grandfather over Christmas break of 2006. As I am very impatient with wanting real results, practicing on scrap pieces of wood did not last very long. This project took me somewhere around 20-25 hours to cut (not including the assembly or staining). It was probably slightly above my difficultly level (for a first project ever), but I knew that Joyce had wanted her own jewelry box for a while, and had planned to make it for her (and if I hadn't made it, she wouldn't have had half a Christmas present). Frankly, even though I know where the tiny flaws in my cutting are, it still looks amazing. The only problem now is that I don't have his high quality wood-shop setup, along with his many added modifications to help streamline the process.

Top view of Jewelry box Inside view of Jewelry box

Side view of Jewelry box Front view of Jewelry box